Car Accident Lawyer Reports Truck Driver Responsible for Quadruple Fatality Sentenced

ANAHEIM, Calif. – More than a year after a truck struck and killed a family of four people in a chain-reaction collision on the Interstate 5 freeway, the truck driver charged in the accident with negligence has plead guilty to four counts of vehicular manslaughter.

The truck driver was sentenced to nine months in jail for the Feb. 13, 2010 accident where the truck struck the family’s SUV and it was trapped between it and another tractor trailer truck and burst into flames.  The driver was accused of driving too fast at the time of the accident for the conditions and was reportedly unable to stop quickly enough to avoid the collision. The driver will begin his sentence on Oct. 31.

“Sadly, this truck accident took the lives of an entire family,” said Emery Ledger, a car accident lawyer at Ledger & Associates in Newport Beach. “Truck drivers wield an immense amount of weight behind them on the road and collisions involving them are often catastrophic.”

Serious fatal car accidents accounted for the deaths of 2,805 people involved in traffic accidents in 2009 out of a reported 426,228 overall collisions, according to California Department of Motor Vehicle statistics. Roughly 30% of all fatal and injury accidents were the result of drivers speeding, DMV records show.

Those involved in serious traffic accidents can face enormous medical bills, loss of wages and emotional scars that can last a lifetime, car accident lawyers say. Those drivers who are liable for the accident may be charged criminally as the above incident shows, but they can also face civil actions such as wrongful death claims from relatives of the victim.

Car accident lawyers at Newport Beach-based Ledger & Associates have seen countless cases where someone injured in a serious car accident has needed ongoing medical care for weeks, months and sometimes longer.

That is why it is important to contact a car accident lawyer immediately after a serious car accident so that an investigation can begin right away before memories fade and evidence gets lost. First take care of your medical needs, next contact a car accident lawyer so that your financial needs can be taken care of too.