Hit and Run Driver Sought After Striking 8 Year Old Boy

WESTMONT, Calif. –  Police are looking for the driver of a dark-colored Nissan Altima who witnesses say is responsible for a hit and run accident that severely injured an 8-year-old boy Wednesday about 6 p.m.

The boy, who was struck by the car on West 104th Street, was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries. Police reported that he was in critical condition.

The vehicle that struck the boy apparently had damage to the right side, according to police reports.

Car accident lawyers will tell you that hit and run accidents accounted for more than 9% of all fatal and injury accidents in California, according to 2009 statistics compiled by the Department of Motor Vehicles. There were 163,524 accidents involving injuries and 2,805 fatal accidents reported in California in 2009.

These hit and run accidents can be devastating to those who are left injured after being struck by a motorist, but even more for the families of victims who are killed in this type of accident, car accident lawyers say.

“Tragically this young boy was seriously injured in this accident and the person responsible needs to be found and held liable for his or her actions,” said Emery Ledger, a car accident lawyer at Ledger & Associates in Newport Beach.

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Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Truck Jackknife Accidents

VACAVILLE, Calif. –  There was a real-life “Chicken Run” playing out on the westbound Interstate 80 about 2 a.m. Thursday morning when two big rigs collided after one jackknifed into the other spilling a load of some 5,000 chickens into the freeway.

The collision, which took place at Lagoon Valley Road, killed many of the chickens, but those that survived were running all over the interstate, according to California Highway Patrol on the scene of the accident.

Additionally, truck accident lawyers have learned, there were no immediate reports of injuries for either of the truck drivers, however, two people in a vehicle traveling behind the two tractor trailer trucks sustained minor injuries.

The incident blocked all lanes in both directions for roughly two hours while crews cleaned up the debris from the incident. Live chickens were taken to a nearby chicken rescue.

When a truck driver slams on his brakes it can result in the vehicle jackknifing or in other words the trailer is spun around and ends up beside the truck’s cab, truck accident lawyers say. These types of accidents can be serious because the trailer often blocks the road and oncoming traffic can plow into the truck’s trailer.

“Serious injuries can result after a collision with a truck due to the sheer size of these vehicles compared to the typical passenger car on the road,” said Emery Ledger, a truck accident lawyer at Ledger & Associates in Newport Beach.

Ledger & Associates specializes in handling truck accident cases for clients who have been injured or lost a family member in an accident. Serious injuries are often the result of any collision with a truck and victims should be compensated for their medical expenses as well as lost wages and pain and suffering, truck accident lawyers say.

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